NEW: Rosendale’s Anti-Public Lands Record Pays Off—With Donations From Private Landowners and Developers

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Helena – In case you missed it, E&E News published a ruthless article exposing East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s connections to private interests and developers who want to chip away at Montana’s public lands.

As a developer himself, Rosendale has consistently proven that he cares more about transferring public lands to private interests than about preserving Montana’s outdoor heritage.

E&E News: Big landowners back Republican Rosendale in Montana race
By Nick Bowlin
July 27, 2018

Key points:

  • “Private interests against public land: This divide, a bedrock political issue of the American West, is on full display in the Republican effort to unseat incumbent Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.).”
  • “The two largest private landowners in ‘Big Sky Country’ are backing the campaign of Republican Matt Rosendale, a landowner and developer whose record shows close ties to, and consistent support for, business and industry.”
  • “Tester has proved a firm defender of access”
  • “‘If you think about hunting or fishing, what they resent most is the notion that someone is going to close off public land or streams, and the people who are most likely to do that are developers,’ Squillace said. According to recently released campaign finance reports covering May 17 to June 30, these are exactly the kind of people filling in Rosendale’s coffers.”
  • “[D]uring a 2014 House bid, Rosendale campaigned on just that: transferring Forest Service and BLM land to the state while backing similar legislation as a state legislator.”
  • “The second-quarter Federal Election Commission filings show Rosendale’s campaign continuing a fundraising practice that has allowed contributors to surpass the maximum contribution allowed by federal law.”

Read full article HERE.


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