NEW: Rosendale Avoided Public Records Requests by Using Personal Email for State Business


Helena – A bad news day just got worse for wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale. Reports broke that Rosendale used a personal email address for his state business when he was a state legislator, and that Rosendale actually requested the deletion of his official email account.

Despite being publicly critical of other public officials who used private emails instead of official emails, Rosendale himself insisted on using his personal email for his business as a state legislator. This means that – by circumventing public records requests – Montanans will never be able to see who Rosendale, a public employee, was communicating with while he was taking votes on the future of Montana.

Will Matt Rosendale come clean with Montanans and make public the emails he sent and received in his personal email account while he was a sitting state legislator?

The Montana Post: Lock Him Up? Matt Rosendale Conducted State Business on Private E-mail
By Don Pogreba
July 19, 2018

Key points:

  • “What did Mr. Rosendale have to hide as Majority Leader in 2015? And why did he go to such lengths to ensure that we’ll never find out?”
  • “Rosendale evaded public scrutiny and open records laws by not only using a private e-mail account for his official business as Senate Majority leader in the Montana Legislature but by also requesting that his official account be deleted.”
  • “Rosendale’s decision to conduct official business on a personal account means that he was able to avoid the disclosure and access to open records that the Montana constitution demands.”
  • “Montanans have a right to know who Rosendale was communicating with during the session and who was trying to influence his votes.”


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