NEW: Poll Shows Clear Path to Morigeau Victory in State Auditor Race

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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NEW: Poll Shows Clear Path to Morigeau Victory in State Auditor Race

Race for State Auditor is Highly Competitive

Helena, MT – New polling on the race for Montana State Auditor paints a picture of a highly competitive race, with a clear path to victory for Democrat Shane Morigeau over his challenger Troy Downing.

The poll found that while Downing has higher name recognition, it is overwhelmingly negative — he is viewed unfavorably overall by an 11-point margin. Even more striking, independents view Downing unfavorably by a 12-point margin and men view him unfavorably by a 15-point margin. 

While Downing begins the race with a lead largely built on name ID from previous failed runs for office, voters quickly move to to Shane Morigeau as they learn about his independent voice, Montana roots, and accomplishments as a state legislator working with Republicans and Democrats to make healthcare more affordable, protect public lands, provide professional vocational career opportunities for students, and promote Montana small businesses.

After voters hear a few brief statements on the candidates, Morigeau builds a 3 point lead of 47 to 44 over Downing, gaining 12 points with independent voters and gaining 7 points with men.

“Montanans know that Troy Downing is a wealthy carpetbagger who has consistently flouted Montana law in his quest to buy political office,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Come November, Montanans will put an end to Downing’s political ambitions and choose Shane Morigeau, a dedicated public servant, and an independent voice for all Montanans.”

Read a memo on the poll here.


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