New Poll: Gianforte’s Public Lands Position Out-of-Touch With Overwhelming Majority of Montanans

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

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New Poll: Gianforte’s Public Lands Position Out-of-Touch With Overwhelming Majority of Montanans
Helena, MT – According to new polling, support for public lands remains rock solid in Montana. Despite their bipartisan, near universal appeal, Greg Gianforte continues to pursue stridently anti-public lands policies, putting him at odds with overwhelming majorities of Republicans and Democrats alike. 

95% of Montanans believe the outdoors are what make living here special, yet Greg Gianforte sued the state of Montana to block access to a local fishing hole near one of his several properties. 

Further, 75% of Montanans support full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, but Greg Gianforte refuses to co-sponsor the Great American Outdoors Act.

88% of Montanans consider public lands and wildlife issues to be important when deciding who to vote for in November, but Gianforte wrote legislation in Congress to strip protections from nearly 700,000 acres of public lands — without public input — a move described by conservation advocates as potentially “the single biggest rollback of protected public lands in Montana history.”

Finally, 91% of Montanans believe that national parks, forests, monuments, and wildlife refuges are essential to Montana’s economy, but Gianforte supports transferring management of federal land away from the state and opposes buying any new land for state parks or fishing access sites. 

“This poll confirms what Montanans already knew – Greg Gianforte’s views on public lands may fit in New Jersey, but they sure don’t in Montana,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Montanans deserve a Governor who will stand up for public lands access, not sue to block it. That’s why Montanans will reject Greg Gianforte this November and elect Mike Cooney, a lifelong champion for Montana’s public lands.”


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