NEW: MDP Video Exposes Greg Gianforte as a Pathological Liar

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

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NEW: MDP Video Exposes Greg Gianforte as a Pathological Liar
Montanans simply can’t trust Lying Greg Gianforte.
Helena, MT – Ahead of tonight’s first gubernatorial debate, the Montana Democratic Party is releasing a new video exposing Greg Gianforte as a pathological liar.
Let’s examine the facts:

Greg Gianforte claims to support public lands, but he sued Montanans to block stream access to the East Gallatin River near his riverfront mansion.

Greg Gianforte says he never supported a statewide sales tax, but he testified on behalf of one, and even praised a statewide sales tax as an “ideal solution.”

Greg Gianforte says he’d expand access to health care, but he voted in support of the partisan lawsuit to strike down the ACA and Medicaid expansion and strip health care from more than 90,000 Montanans.

Greg Gianforte claims to support small business, but he built a business based on outsourcing American jobs.

Greg Gianforte claims to support law enforcement, but he lied to police after committing a violent assault.

“Greg Gianforte is spending millions of dollars from his own fortune trying to cover up his record, but Montanans know the truth,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Time and time again, Greg Gianforte has proven that he simply can’t be trusted.”


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