#MTSEN VIDEO: Downing Bashes Rosendale

Brooke BainumNews

GOP Primary Opponent Blasts Rosendale as “Opportunist, Career Politician”

Helena – In an otherwise sleepy primary thus far, new uncovered video reveals a brutal attack from Californian Troy Downing, who bashes wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale for his pattern of being a career politician. Downing says Rosendale is always looking for the next opportunity to get ahead, saying “we put him in office to do a job and he’s already looking for another one.” This is the fifth time Rosendale has run for office since 2010.

Downing, who has claimed primary residence in California as recently as last year, went on to say of Rosendale, a native Marylander, “if he actually won, is he gonna, you know, primary against Trump next year?”

Downing also criticized Maryland Matt for constantly trying to climb the ladder when he’s been in office for such a short time: “he was barely sworn in [as Insurance Commissioner] when he threw his hat into the special election that he lost to, you know, to Gianforte. And then now he’s barely in office for a year or less when he filed. And he’s already running for something, something else.”

“It looks like somebody that is in it for themselves, especially in a state where, you know, we put him in office to do a job and he’s already looking for another one.”

We already knew Rosendale and Downing are both outsiders who are out-of-touch with Montana values, but now it looks like we might be submerged in a long primary of the two bashing each other.


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