In #MTSEN GOP Debate, Rosendale Continues to Deceive Montanans


Helena – At tonight’s snoozefest of a first GOP Senate debate, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale continued to mislead Montana voters on his record.

Rosendale deceived Montanans about his terrible record on veterans issues, including his vote against funding for the Butte veterans home, support for privatizing the Columbia Falls veterans’ home, and vote against creating a home loan program for first-time veteran and Gold Star family homebuyers.

Rosendale deceived Montanans about a tax bill that adds more than $1.5 trillion to the national debt and kicks 46,000 Montanans off their health insurance.

Rosendale also deceived Montanans about his terrible record on public lands – he has repeatedly pushed for the transfer of federal public lands to the state, which could force the sale of public land to private owners and increase grazing rates.

And he continues to push his support of shady programs like Medi-Share, which was literally barred from operating in Montana because of its shady dealings. Remember – Rosendale not only supports these shady programs, but as insurance commissioner he rubber-stamped higher health insurance rates for Montanans.

Rosendale was taken to task by one of his opponents for not being from Montana, and by another for pushing his support from the Washington establishment over that of Montanans.

From Dr. O – “I believe you dance with who brought ya—well, I’m the only guy up here who’s not dancing with [the] Washington establishment.”

From ethically challenged Russell Fagg – “I appreciate everybody that has moved to Montana…”

It’s clear that Matt Rosendale doesn’t share Montana values.

“Tonight’s snoozefest showed one thing – no one did anything to separate themselves from the pack tonight, but there’s plenty of deception coming from Matt Rosendale,” said Brooke Bainum, spokeswoman for the Montana Democratic Party. “The developer from Maryland showed his true colors, sidestepping questions and deceiving voters about his terrible record on a variety of issues – from veterans to public lands to his endorsement of shady health care practices.”


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