#MTSEN GOP Candidates: Let’s Rip Away Medicaid Expansion That Benefits Economy; REALITY: Medicaid Expansion Provides 93,000 Montanans with Health Care

Brooke BainumNews

Helena – Literally on the same day a new report shows that Medicaid expansion has a number of significant benefits for Montana’s well-being – including more economic activity, job creation, personal income and health improvements – the GOP Senate candidates doubled down on their opposition to Medicaid expansion. In Montana, over 93,000 people have health insurance because of Medicaid expansion, and the program reduces state spending on Medicaid by more than $40 million and supports 5,000 jobs a year.

SHOT: Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, Californian Troy Downing and ethically challenged Russell Fagg all “said they wouldn’t support continuing Medicaid expansion”

CHASER: “In the first two years after Montana expanded Medicaid, the savings to the state have eclipsed the costs. … in the time Montana has expanded Medicaid, workforce participation has increased among low-income earners.” [Helena Independent Record, 4/10/18]


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