Do #MTSEN GOP Candidates and Gianforte Stand With Sheriff Clarke, Who Turned a Blind Eye to Torture, Resulting in Death of Inmate?


Helena – Tomorrow evening, inflammatory former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke will keynote a fundraiser that all four GOP Senate candidates and multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte are expected to attend.

Clarke, who ran for sheriff as a Democrat, is infamous for doing nothing to stop torture at the jail he oversaw, allowing his employees to deny a mentally ill inmate water for seven days, causing him to die of dehydration.

The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. After releasing the ruling, he was “threatened” and “verbally pummeled” by Clarke, who is no stranger to using violent, dangerous rhetoric. Clarke has also faced lawsuits alleging abuse and neglect in his prisons.

Will wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, ethically challenged Russell Fagg, Californian Troy Downing, and Dr. Al Olszewski stand up to Clarke and his inhumane methods, or stand with him?

Will Congressman Gianforte, who lied to a police officer about his infamous assault of a journalist, finally find his principles, or will he attempt to plaster over his behavior and criminal record by cozying up to Clarke?


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