#MTSEN GOP Candidate Drops Out, Bashes Frontrunners


Ron Murray Endorses Dr. O on His Way Out, Bashes Rosendale

Helena – Former GOP Senate candidate Ron Murray announced the end of his campaign last week in an online video. Murray endorsed Dr. Al Olszewski and used the opportunity to heavily criticize wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale.

Murray said Montana should have a candidate who “doesn’t come with any baggage like Matt Rosendale” and that he’s “been disgusted with [Rosendale] since day one.”

From there, Murray didn’t pull any punches: “Matt is in it for Matt…if [he] really truly cared about Montana, [he] would give up this race.” Murray warned that if Rosendale abandons his current job, he will “abandon Montana.”

This isn’t the first time Maryland Matt has been called out for putting himself first; a couple weeks back, Troy Downing told a crowd that Rosendale “looks like somebody that is in it for themselves…we put him in office to do a job and he’s already looking for another one.”

Murray didn’t spare ethically challenged Russell Fagg or Californian Troy Downing, either.

He blasted Fagg for being “supported by all the establishment” and said Downing – who is set to go to trial for numerous misdemeanor charges of illegally buying resident hunting licenses as an out-of-stater – has a “couple of things he’s got to explain…we need a clean candidate that we can count on.”


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