#mtpol Experts: Gianforte’s Fundraising Haul “isn’t that great for an incumbent congressman”


Helena—Federal Election Commission reports are out, and Montanans are taking note of multimillionaire Congressmen Greg Gianforte’s weak 2017 fundraising numbers.

On Montana Public Radio’s “Campaign Beat”, Senior News Analyst and News Director Emeritus Sally Mauk and veteran Montana political reporter Chuck Johnson highlighted Gianforte’s lackluster fundraising haul:

SALLY MAUK: “The more surprising numbers, Chuck, are in the House race where two of the Democratic challengers John Heenan and Grant Kier are almost keeping pace with the incumbent Greg Gianforte in terms of how much money they’ve raised to date.”

CHUCK JOHNSON: “That is strange. I don’t know what happened to Gianforte’s fundraising operation…so far he’s raised somewhere around but $540,000, which isn’t that great for an incumbent congressman.

Gianforte is likely to receive millions in dark money support, just like he did during May’s Special Election when Speaker Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC spent $2.4 million to get him elected.

And of course, as the richest member of Congress, he could always try to buy his way back into Congress. However, he spent $6 million of his own money on his failed run for governor in 2016, and it didn’t do much to help him win on election day.

“After only seven months in office, even multimillionaire Greg Gianforte’s corporate donors seem to know that he’s struggling to connect with Montanans,” said Roy Loewenstein, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “But after he put Washington before Montana by cutting taxes for multimillionaires like himself and voting to gut protections for our public lands, it’s clear Gianforte is in trouble.”


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