MTGOP Keep Trying to Take Credit for Democratic Legislation

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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MTGOP Keep Trying to Take Credit for Democratic Legislation

Montanans aren’t buying it.

Helena, MT – In what is starting to feel like a trend, the Montana GOP has once again tried to take credit for Democratic legislation. Last Friday, the Twitter account for the Montana Republican Party tweeted out an article about a new meat-processing plant that Senator Tester and his  Democratic colleagues secured funding for. The tweet was met with immediate ridicule from Montanans, who have grown weary of the MT GOP and Governor Gianforte taking credit for American Rescue Plan funding that they fought every step of the way. Not a single Republican member of Montana’s Congressional delegation voted for ARPA. 

The comments all thanked Senator Tester for his leadership steering these ARPA through Congress and directly to the local businesses they were designed to help

Senator Tester has secured $7.8 million for 30 Montana Ag small businesses, including 17 meat processing projects and 3 new USDA-certified meat processing facilities.

The $300,000 for Blue Creek Marbled Meat Co (Billings) that Gianforte is taking credit for will fund a new meat processing facility under construction for State/USDA Inspection. The money– along with an additional $600,000 for meat processing facilities Nguyen Holdings, Inc dba M&S Meats (Rollins) and Big Sky Processing, LLC (Pray) – came from the Tester-negotiated ARPA. 

“Senator Tester’s work securing funding for Montana Ag small businesses is critical, now more than ever,” says Sheila Hogan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “It’s clear that Gianforte also agrees that Senator Tester’s leadership has been urgently important for Montana– but it’s entirely unclear why Gianforte thinks he can fight ARPA every step of the way and then show up for the photo-op to take credit for the work. Montanans aren’t falling for it.”


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