After Months of Deceiving Montanans, Fagg Finally Reports How Much Secret Money He’s Gotten

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Helena – For months, Russell Fagg raised an unknown amount of money from an unknown group of people as he ran an unethical shadow campaign for the Senate. Today he finally disclosed how much he raised, including during the period of time he was still a sitting judge.

While his so-so numbers will make it tough for Fagg to compete with others in the primary, Fagg’s real issue continues to be his ethics – he is still under scrutiny for an FEC complaint that was filed against him for raising political money as a judge.

“Russell Fagg’s mediocre numbers aren’t his biggest issue – it’s his unethical, secret campaign for Senate while he was still a sitting judge hearing cases,” said Brooke Bainum, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “His long-term lack of transparency runs contrary to the best interests of Montanans, and voters will remember his lack of ethics.”


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