Montana’s Families and Businesses Threatened by McConnell’s Politicized Push for Government Shutdown

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After months upon months of not doing his job as Senate leader and passing a long-term budget, Mitch McConnell has now turned this process into pure political theater instead of focusing on funding our government. McConnell, in a leaked memo, readily admits to seeking to embarrass folks like Jon Tester.

This failure by Mitch McConnell negatively impacts Montana’s communities – we need a budget that funds community health centers where 100,000 Montanans get care, funds our military, and fully funds CHIP, Montana’s national parks, and VA clinics.

ICYMI: Politico: McConnell plans for shutdown
The Senate leader intends to keep his chamber in session and stage a series of votes designed to embarrass vulnerable Democrats.
By Burgess Everett, Rachael Bade and Seung Min Kim
January 18, 2018

Key Points:

  • “The Senate leader intends to … stage a series of votes designed to embarrass vulnerable Democrats.”
  • “On Thursday morning, McConnell sent his GOP members an email imploring them to … assign blame to Democrats,” even though a number of Republicans like Sens. Lindsey Graham and Mike Rounds said they will oppose a House spending bill, which was voted on Thursday night.
  • McConnell’s “goal would be to place the blame for a shutdown squarely on 10 Democratic senators up for reelection this fall in states won by Donald Trump in 2016, and make them the face of a government closure.”
  • “The strategy is risky for Republicans, considering that they control the White House and Congress.”

Read the entire story HERE.

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