What Montanans are reading: Rosendale’s sketchy workaround “looks a lot like a money-laundering scheme”


Helena – Montanans across the state woke up to front page headlines about how wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale cooked the books, skirting campaign finance lawswith what “looks a lot like a money-laundering scheme,” allowing donors to effectively give more than the legal individual limit per cycle.

While Rosendale’s campaign has refused to answer questions about the shady campaign finance scheme, other folks had plenty to say about Rosendale’s workaround:

Associated Press: Senate candidate shuffles cash to keep excess donations

  • “legal form of money laundering in order to help a handful of wealthy donors get around federal contribution limits”
  • “a loophole in the law”
  • “accounting shuffle”
  • “only can be exploited by candidates who can afford to lend their campaigns large sums of cash, then sit on that debt for years”
  • “scheme that was developed by Rosendale’s campaign”

Helena Independent Record: Report: Rosendale uses accounting to skirt contribution limits

  • “looks a lot like a money-laundering scheme”
  • “…Rosendale used accounting maneuvers to make it possible for campaign donors to give him more money this year than is allowed in the 2018 election cycle”
  • “None of the donors was from Montana.”
  • “potentially legal scheme to allow a handful of wealthy donors to give up to $8,000 each to support Rosendale’s campaign, when the limit for everyone else is $5,400.”

Daily Beast: GOP Senate Hopeful Cooks Books, Skirts Donation Limits

  • “looks a lot like a money-laundering scheme”
  • “the Rosendale campaign figured out a way around the limits”
  • “creative accounting”
  • “ambitious end-run around campaign finance laws”
  • “an audacious accounting maneuver”
  • “pretty wacky”

Politico: “Rosendale thumbed the FEC right in the eye”

Lachlan Markay, Daily Beast: “effectively accept excessive [contributions]”

And across Montana today, people are reading about Rosendale’s shady “end-run around campaign finance laws,” seeing that Rosendale is once again misleading them. Just take a look at these front pages:


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