Montanans Protest Rosendale and His Anti-Veteran, Anti-First Responder Remarks and Record


Helena – Yesterday, Montana veterans, first responders, and caregivers sent a loud, clear message to East Coast developer Matt Rosendale: Jon Tester’s bills aren’t “little stuff” – they get our veterans the care they’ve earned, hold the VA accountable, provide first responders with critical resources, and cut waste, fraud, and abuse in the government.

Montanans across the state spoke out against Rosendale – who was off in Washington, D.C. to fundraise for his campaign in the middle of a work week – for disparaging these important bills and condemned his record of voting against Montana’s veterans and first responders.

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Great Falls Tribune: “Patience Woodill of Clinton, wife and caretaker for her husband Jim, a Vietnam Navy veteran, said she was ‘not happy’ with Rosendale’s comment. ‘I do not know how any progress for Montana citizens and vets alike can be classified as “little stuff,”’ she said.

Mike Lawson of Butte, commander of the Southwest Montana Veterans Council and the Marine Corps League, said Rosendale more than once while serving in the state Legislature voted against a home for veterans in southwest Montana.

‘When he says “little stuff” it is a continuing lack of respect for Montana veterans,’ Lawson said. He said Tester was willing to reach across the aisle to help veterans.”

Missoula Current: “Veterans on Tuesday’s call took issue with Rosendale’s take on the so-called little stuff that’s key to their well being, and they suggested the current state auditor has a long history of voting against veterans issues.

Mike Lawson, commander of the Southwest Montana Veterans Council, said that includes Rosendale’s vote against funding a veterans home in southwest Montana.

‘I have not seen any viable support for veterans causes come from Mr. Rosendale,’ Lawson said. ‘Sen. Tester, from the very start, has been a champion for veterans causes in Montana and the nation. To the veteran, that’s big stuff. When Matt Rosendale says it’s little stuff, it verifies the continuing lack of respect he has for Montana veterans.’”

Montana Public Radio: “Rosendale’s opponent, incumbent Senator Jon Tester today had four Montanans speak up for him as a supporter of first responders and veterans…

Bernie Jacobs, a retired Army master sergeant said he appreciates Tester following-up this year on a veterans healthcare bill that wasn’t working. ‘So he followed through, he kept working for veterans and he got the MISSION Act passed,’ Jacobs says.”


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