Montanan With Cancer, a Pre-Existing Condition: “Health Care Costs Are On the Rise … Rosendale Has Made Things Worse”


Helena – Today, Paula McGarvey of Butte, who has been fighting cancer for 11 years, called out State Frauditor Matt Rosendale for failing to do his job and failing to stand up for Montana families against increasing health care costs.

Paula also notes that although it’s rate review season, and it’s Rosendale’s job to review health care rates in Montana, Rosendale has been spending his time campaigning and fundraising instead of doing his job and holding public meetings with Montanans. In fact, Rosendale has refused to hold public meetings on proposed rate increases this year.

Paula’s powerful story can be read below:

Rosendale should focus on his job: protecting Montanans from rising health insurance rates
Paula McGarvey
August 9, 2018

Key points:

  • “Thanks to Matt Rosendale, Montana families and people like me are at real risk of seeing their health care costs and their premiums skyrocket.”
  • “As a Montanan who is currently living with metastatic breast cancer, I and most people I know agree — we shouldn’t have to choose between paying our bills or feeding our families and paying for our health care costs.”
  • “But now, health care costs are once again on the rise for me and other Montana families — and state Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale has made things worse.”
  • “Not only did Rosendale fail to stand up against higher costs for Montanans, he was called out by Montana newspapers for his confusion about the process […] As a result, Montana families and folks fighting cancer and other chronic conditions have had to pay significantly more for their health insurance this year, and those health care costs are set to rise again.”
  • “During this year’s review, Rosendale should be focusing less on campaigning and fundraising and more on the people of Montana by holding public meetings with Montanans and stakeholders and doing the job he was elected to do.”

Read full guest column HERE.


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