Montana Women: Rosendale “threatens Montana women’s freedoms,” “stands against women at every turn”


Helena – Yesterday, Montana women spoke out against wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale for consistently voting against women, threatening women’s personal freedoms, and pushing policies that would restrict access to health care, including maternity care.

Missoula Current: “‘Matt Rosendale stands against women at every turn,’ Anderson said. ‘He’s voted against equal pay for equal work, he’s voted against protections for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. To say that Matt Rosendale will be an enemy to Montana women in the Senate is an understatement. If Matt Rosendale is elected, Montana women could very well lose reproductive freedom entirely.’”

“‘…this November, women have the choice between a champion of women’s health care in Jon Tester and a man who possesses an anti-choice record that threatens Montana women’s freedoms.’”

NBC Montana: “A group of Montana women and health care experts expressed concerns about what they think is at stake in the upcoming U.S. Senate race. They claim Senate candidate Matt Rosendale wants to limit women’s reproductive choices.”

Watch the entire clip HERE.
“A politician should not be getting in the way of making those personal choices.” —Stacie Anderson, City Council Member and Executive Director of Carol’s List

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