Montana Public Health Expert: Gianforte Puts Montanans’ Health At Risk

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Montana Public Health Expert: Gianforte Puts Montanans’ Health At Risk
“Gianforte Has Proven That He’s a No-Show Congressman. We Can’t Afford to Elect Him Our No-Show Governor”

Helena, MT – In the Helena Independent Recordpublic health expert Dr. Cora Neumann slammed Greg Gianforte’s abysmal attendance record in Congress, where he skipped more votes than 93% of Congress. Highlights from her op-ed below: 

“Greg Gianforte has missed more votes than 93% of Congress. Let that sink in. Montana has one representative in the House — and we rely on our sole Congressman to show up and represent Montana’s interests.”

“…Montana didn’t have a say in votes ranging from critical funding for education, to helping survivors of domestic abuse, to supporting our public health institutions and more. These are all major issues that affect Montanans every day, but Gianforte, through his laziness, silenced our voice in Congress.”

“It’s difficult to say what’s more disqualifying — Gianforte’s disregard for funding public health agencies, or his disregard for work in general. Greg Gianforte is so out of touch with Montana values, he thinks he can collect taxpayer-funded checks, fail to show up, and ask Montanans for a promotion. But for most Montanans, skipping work gets you fired, not promoted.”

“Gianforte has proven that he’s a no-show Congressman. We can’t afford to elect him our no-show Governor.”

Read the full Helena IR Op-EdGianforte Puts Montanans’ Health At Risk


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