Montana Farmers And Ranchers Ask — Where’s The Beef, Senator Daines?

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

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Montana Farmers And Ranchers Ask — Where’s The Beef, Senator Daines?

Helena, MT – This morning, Montana farmers and ranchers held a ‘Where’s the Beef?’ press call demanding answers about Senator Steve Daines’ failed beef deal. In a new interview that aired just last week, Daines touted the 2017 agreement he reached with China’s to ship $200 million worth of Montana beef to China. 
But three years later, ranchers are wondering, where’s the beefWhile China has been buying more beef than ever before, there’s little evidence that Montana beef is being sold to China through the deal despite Daines’ claims. When this trade deal was announced, Daines took a victory lap – now he has to take responsibility for its apparent failure. 
Alongside today’s call, MDP is unveiling two new mailers and a video demanding answers from Daines on this failed deal — because Montanans deserve to know the truth. After three years of broken promises and a disastrous trade war, Montanans want to know: Where’s the beef, Senator Daines?

Below are some highlights from today’s call: 
“When Daines did announce this deal in 2017, I was a bit skeptical, as I have been with most things that come out of Senator Daines’ office,” said Ben Petersen, Diversified Farmer and Rancher in Central Montana. “Senator Daines took a lot of credit when this deal was announced…he should take credit now too that it’s falling apart.” 
“Quite frankly, Senator Daines promised but failed to deliver,” said Herb Karst, Retired Farmer and Rancher in Sunburst, Montana. “By contrast, Governor Bullock has built up a reputation of getting things done even when it’s hard and you have to work across the aisle. He put aside politics to advance health care, education, and infrastructure for our state. Those are all issues that are vital to Montana ranchers. So, I’m tired of empty promises and I urge support for Governor Bullock, the one who delivers. 

“How can [Daines] be a voice for Montana if he’s not willing to listen to us,” said Representative Rae Peppers, Rancher. “It’s clear that Senator Daines cannot be trusted. This failed beef deal was nothing more than a chance for Daines to do a photo op and take a victory lap around it. What became of it? Nothing but an opportunity for Daines to get a good headline….Senator Daines has done this time and time again… He’s out for himself, not for Montana.”


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