Montana Democrats give legislature a failing grade

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Montana Democrats give legislature a failing grade

As sine die looms, Democrats take stock of legislature some have called a “statewide embarrassment” 

Helena, MT – With the end of the legislature nearly in sight, Montana Democrats are assessing the damage on a session that has included some of the most extreme attacks on Montana’s workers, environment, and personal freedoms.

“This legislature will go down as one of the most damaging in Montana’s history,” said Sandi Luckey, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Republican legislators desperately wanted to control state government for years and now we see why: They wanted to reward their special interest donors with tax cuts no matter how many Montanans it hurt.”

  • NO JOBS BILLS: The Republican-led legislature failed to introduce a single comprehensive jobs package for the entire session.

  • UNAFFORDABLE HOUSING: Governor Gianforte vetoed a bill that would have allowed local governments to create more affordable housing.

  • ATTACKING DEMOCRACY:  Republican legislators backed plans to launch McCarthyistic investigations into citizens groups and restrict access to the ballot box.

  • DISCRIMINATION: The majority backed a number of bills to discriminate against LGBTQ Montanans.

  • COVID RESPONSE FAILURES: They pushed measures that would make it harder for health care providers to respond to the covid-19 epidemic.

  • TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH: Legislative leaders approved sweeping tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy.

  • SPECIAL INTEREST FAVORS: They sought to open the door to unlimited spending by special interest political action committees.

  • BAD FOR MONTANA AG: Republicans killed country of origin labeling over the objections of Montana farmers and ranchers.

  • HURTING NATIVE AMERICANS: The Republican Governor dropped a popular bison management plan that would have reintroduced bison to more parts of the state, despite support from tribal communities.


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