The Money Is Flowing As #MTSen GOP Intraparty Hits Escalate


Helena – The Montana GOP Senate Primary divisiveness, in-fighting, and attacks continues to escalate. And now, even more outside special interest money is pouring into Montana to whack wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale and Russell Fagg. In total, outside dark money groups have spent over $2.7 million in the GOP Senate primary alone, “an extraordinary amount for an intraparty primary in Montana.”

While the Principles First PAC put money behind an ad attacking Maryland Matt for signing under penalty of perjury to be a resident of Maryland in 2015, Club for Growth announced today it’s throwing in another quarter of a million dollars to attack Fagg, bringing the super PAC’s total to nearly $900,000 on a single ad attacking Fagg. Rosendale has also had to depend on out-of-state billionaire Dick Uihlein’s groups spending $1.2 million in support of him.

Clearly, neither side is confident in their own candidate, and the primary is anyone’s to win at this point. But either way, Fagg or Rosendale are going to be badly bruised, and badly broken, heading into the general election.

ICYMI: MTN NEWS: In GOP Senate primary, obscure group dings Rosendale; Club for Growth ups ante against Fagg
By Mike Dennison
May 25, 2018

Key Points:

  • “All told, more than $2.7 million has been spent by outside groups on Montana’s GOP Senate primary – an extraordinary amount for an intraparty primary in Montana.”
  • “All of the outside spending had been supporting Rosendale or attacking Fagg – until last week, when Principles First PAC bought about $50,000 in TV time in Missoula for an ad rapping Rosendale.”
  • “The ad refers to Rosendale as ‘Maryland Matt’…and says he signed legal documents ‘affirming he’s a Maryland citizen.’”
  • “Club for Growth Action has now spent $880,000 producing and airing the ad, and earlier spent an additional $530,000 on TV and digital ads supporting Rosendale.”
  • “In March and April, two groups financed by Illinois billionaire Richard Uihlein also spent $1.2 million on TV and radio ads promoting Rosendale.”


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