Missoulian Op-Ed: Gianforte Lacks Qualities For Leadership

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Missoulian Op-Ed: Gianforte Lacks Qualities For Leadership

Helena, MT – In the Missoulian, Todd Mowbray, a former newspaperman from Polson, penned an op-ed condemning Greg Gianforte in commemoration of World Press Freedom Day. 

Missoulian Op-EdGianforte lacks qualities for leadership
By: Todd Mowbray

“Montanans deserve a governor who respects and defends the press from censorship and violence no matter the political cost. Greg Gianforte is not that man.

The night before Election Day, Gianforte was asked to clarify his position on affordable health care and in response, turned violent, knocking a reporter to the ground and breaking his glasses. He then subsequently lied to law enforcement about the assault, believing himself to be above the law.

Gianforte’s assault on a reporter is well documented. We learned from that incident that Gianforte has no regard for a free press, let alone any kind of transparency or accountability. He also hasn’t learned anything from this pivotal moment. When Gianforte was recently asked about the assault, and how it had impacted him personally and professionally, he brushed it off, saying only that “it doesn’t come up.” Clearly, the incident meant nothing to him.

But it should mean something to Montanans. Our lone representative in Congress, who now wants to lead our state, was asked the kind of question that any candidate should be able to answer, and in response committed a violent crime — and then lied to the police, exhibiting no remorse for his actions. Gianforte may think that his money places him above the law and above answering questions, but that’s not the way things are done here. Montanans are brave enough to stand behind their beliefs. We don’t lash out when asked simple questions.

The governor’s job is to fight for the people of Montana. He’s the chief administrator of the state; all state departments and personnel ultimately report to him. If the governor fails us, we all feel the impact. Honesty, integrity and empathy are essential parts of leadership.

Gianforte has demonstrated he lacks those qualities. He isn’t a leader we or our kids should look up to, and he doesn’t reflect what makes our state the last best place.”

Read the full op-ed here.


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