Missoulian Op-Ed: Daines’ conservation conversion charade

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Monday, June 15, 2020

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Helena, MT – Senator Steve Daines is being taken to task for his attempts to greenwash his record of playing politics with Montana’s public lands, with a new Missoulian column calling his shameless election-year pivot a “charade.” The column makes clear that Daines’ support of the Great American Outdoors Act is nothing more than a feeble attempt to mask his record of failing to stand up for public lands now that he faces a competitive re-election campaign.

Missoulian: Daines’ conservation conversion charade
By: George Ochenski 


Montana’s junior senator, Steve Daines, is trying to capitalize on the restoration of full funding to the Land and Water Conservation Fund to bolster his terrible conservation record prior to his hotly contested election against Gov. Steve Bullock.

There’s no question that it’s decades past time for Congress to get its greedy paws off the revenue stream that was intended to bolster conservation of public lands and waters. But weighed against the environmental damage Daines has continually supported, his latest charade is just that — an election year ploy to trick Montanans and garner a few conservation votes.

If all goes as expected, the Senate will pass the Great American Outdoors Act today. But Montanans should not be fooled by Steve Daines. He voted to confirm the corporate lobbyists Trump put in to head our most important environmental regulatory agencies, essentially putting the extractive industry foxes in charge of the nation’s natural resource and environmental henhouse.

Daines’ record on the environment speaks for itself — and undeniably proves Daines’ “conservation conversion” is a charade.


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