Missoulian: “Note to Gianforte: Montana Governor’s Office Not For Sale”

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Missoulian: “Note to Gianforte: Montana Governor’s Office Not For Sale”
Missoulian Columnist Rips Gianforte As a “Rich Guy Trying to Buy Public Office” Reminiscent of “Big Spending Copper Kings”
Helena, MT – In the Missoulian, columnist George Ochenski blasts Greg Gianforte for his shameless attempt to buy the Montana Governor’s mansion. The piece comes just a week after it was revealed that Gianforte had dumped another $500,000 into his campaign coffers, bringing the total to more than $1.5 million.  

Missoulian Op-EdNote to Gianforte: Montana Governor’s Office Not For Sale
By: George Ochenski 

“One might think after spending a whopping $5.5 million of his own money in his campaign for governor against Steve Bullock — and losing — Greg Gianforte might figure out the Montana Governor’s Office isn’t for sale. But apparently not.

Gianforte has already dropped $1.5 million of his own cash into the primary race against his Republican challengers and has many millions more to dump into the general election should he prevail in the primary. But Montanans, harking back to the corruption of the big-spending Copper Kings, have consistently been wary of those who would try to buy their way into public office…

It might come as a surprise to Gianforte that Montanans are not particularly proud of being represented by a guy who body-slammed a helpless reporter for asking a simple question about health care — then lied about it — and brought national shame upon our state. It’s strictly conjecture, but there’s a good chance had the incident with the reporter taken place earlier in the campaign instead of at the last minute, Gianforte may not have won. Montanans, after all, are about as fond of bullies as they are of rich guys trying to buy public office…

Finally, given the widespread suffering and dire financial stress so many Montanans are experiencing, it might be more than a little delusional to think voters will identify with Greg Gianforte flying around in a private jet throwing millions of dollars away self-funding his political campaign — especially as their businesses go bankrupt and their families live in fear of a second wave of contagion.”

Read the full op-ed here.


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