Melissa Romano Shines in Superintendent Debate

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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Melissa Romano Shines in Superintendent Debate

Arntzen Fails to Address Her Truant Record

Helena, MT – This Sunday, Montanans were presented with an easy choice in the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, as Melissa Romano articulated a clear vision to restore competent, responsible leadership to the Office of Public Instruction in a MTN-hosted debate. This week, Montana Democrats will be revisiting key moments from the hour-long face-off.

Throughout her time in office, Arntzen has failed to show up for the most basic bipartisan legislation in support of public schools during the 2019 legislature, yet went so far as to appear with DeVos at an ALEC-sponsored panel last year in support of privatizing Montana’s public schools.

Faced with facts over her failure to show up for Montana students over the course of her time in office, Arntzen was unable to justify her constant absence. Romano, on the other hand, offered an alternative vision: “Every student in our state deserves a leader at the Office of Public Instruction, someone who’s going to show up and advocate for them,” said Romano.


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