MDP Congratulates Monica Tranel, Penny Ronning, and All Democratic Candidates Statewide

Hadley StackNews, Zinke

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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MDP Congratulates Monica Tranel, Penny Ronning, and All Democratic Candidates Statewide

Meanwhile, MTGOP Still Waiting on Candidate in MT01

Helena, MT – Last night, Democrats across Montana made their decision. Monica Tranel, a longtime Montana energy attorney and former Olympian, won a decisive victory in MT-01, Montana’s western district. Penny Ronning, human rights activist and former Billings city councilwoman, won a decisive victory in the eastern district, MT-02. 

Results are still coming in for other counties across the state, but one thing is certain: Montana Democrats are united and ready for November. 

Meanwhile, the Republican primary in MT-01 is still too close to call. Ryan Zinke, the presumptive favorite in the race going into yesterday’s primary, is in a narrow lead of just about 1,000 votes. With votes still to come in from Missoula and Lincoln Counties, Zinke’s lead could drop within recount territory. Whether or not Zinke is able to maintain his lead, the fact that Zinke– who came into the race with a Trump endorsement, national name recognition and more than 4 times the money as his opponent Dr. Al Olszewski– could not pull out a decisive victory could spell trouble for the unity of the Republican party this November. 

“Tranel and Ronning are incredibly strong candidates with resounding and decisive support from voters. Montana Democrats are united for November and the MDP is all in – we are ready to send Tranel and Ronning to Congress this fall,” says Sheila Hogan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Meanwhile, if there is one person I would not want to be this morning it’s Ryan Zinke.”


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