Matt Rosendale Misleading Montanans with Health Program That Defrauded Montanans


Helena – It was a year ago today that wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale brought back the controversial health care program Medi-Share, which was banned from Montana more than a decade ago because of fraud.

While Rosendale deceives Montanans by gushing praise on the program, Medi-Share is not an actual insurance company and is not legally required to pay medical expenses or cover pre-existing conditions.

In fact, Medi-Share – which held its money in an offshore bank account in the Bahamas – refused to pay for a life-saving operation for a Montanan with brain cancer, even though members paid the ministry up to $400 a month to help pay the medical bills of other members. It also refused to pay for a Missoula pastor’s heart surgery.

The program Rosendale touts will not provide coverage unless patients attest to “a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ,” and refuses to pay for certain medical procedures, prenatal care, and maternity expenses for single mothers unless they reported a sexual assault to law enforcement. It also has limits on expenses covered.

And yet Rosendale continues to deceive Montanans and push Medi-Share as a viable solution to rising health care costs, insisting the program is a legitimate health plan that provides adequate coverage, even though there is no guarantee – another reason why it has been banned in other states.

Bringing back this fraudulent and deceitful program is the epitome of Rosendale’s deception of Montanans. Instead of focusing on real solutions to higher health care costs, Rosendale continues to push this costly, dangerous, and fake “solution,” threatening the health of Montanans, and he cannot be trusted.


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