Is Matt Rosendale Lying About Being a Montana Resident or Is He Committing Perjury?


Helena – Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale is not shy about lying to Montanans about his record and his opponents, earning two “Pants on Fire!” ratings from a nonpartisan fact-checker – the first for a lie Rosendale told on literally the first day of his campaign and another for a more recent false claim that was called “flat wrong” with “no basis.”

Consistent with his dishonest record, Rosendale is now either lying about being a Montanan or he’s breaking the law by committing perjury. Just three years ago, Rosendale signed under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident on two separate standalone documents. The explicit and only purpose of those documents is to receive a tax withholding exemption for being a resident of Maryland.

Rosendale and his spokesperson, another proven liar, have tried to blame a title company – saying the company filled in the forms after Rosendale signed them and claimed to have sent him the wrong forms, which are clearly marked “Maryland Form” and “Certification of Exemption from Withholding Upon Disposition of Maryland Real Estate Affidavit of Residence or Principal Residence.”

But the fact is, it’s Rosendale’s name and Rosendale’s signature on the documents, signed under penalty of perjury. Does Rosendale – our state auditor – really blindly sign whatever important documents are put in front of him? Does Rosendale – who has worked in real estate for nearly four decades – really not know what kind of real estate document he is signing, under penalty of perjury, no less?

Does Rosendale really not think he should take responsibility for the documents he signs his name to?

These flimsy excuses from known liars just don’t pan out. Either Rosendale is lying to Montanans or he has committed perjury, a crime. Montanans deserve to know which it is.


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