Matt Rosendale, Federal Lands Transfer Poster Boy

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

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Matt Rosendale, Federal Lands Transfer Poster Boy

Rosendale: “I have long been on the record as an advocate for the transfer of federal public lands to the state”

Helena, MT – This week, at the Republican National Convention, the Republican Party will adopt its 2016 party platform. The platform calls for legislation to transfer control of federal lands to states — a harmful policy that could lead to the privatization of public lands: 

“Congress shall immediately pass universal legislation providing for a timely and orderly mechanism requiring the federal government to convey certain federally controlled public lands to states. We call upon all national and state leaders and representatives to exert their utmost power and influence to urge the transfer of those lands…” Republican Platform, page 21.

Maryland Matt has voiced no objections to this plank of the GOP platform, likely because he has a long history of supporting it. In 2014, Maryland Matt admitted to being “an advocate for the transfer of public lands” and proposed that the federal government transfer U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands in Montana to the state to manage and control. When he served in the state legislature, he introduced legislation encouraging federal public lands transfer to the state, and voted for a bill that would have disallowed Montana from acquiring any new public lands. 

“Montanans have known for years that Maryland Matt is an enemy of public lands access,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Rosendale’s extreme position on public lands is wildly out of touch, and further proof that he’s just a typical politician looking to buy his next office.”

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