Matt Rosendale Dismisses the Job He Currently Holds


Says It Doesn’t Matter Who Actually Sits in the Auditor’s Seat

Helena – At last week’s less than enthralling GOP debate, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale gave what a Montana Public Radio reporter called an “odd dismissal” of the state auditor’s job. In response to a concern about a Democratic governor appointing a Democrat to replace Rosendale as auditor, he said “it does not matter and should not matter who is actually sitting in the auditor’s seat” since Republicans hold a majority on the state Land Board.

Of course, this is par for the course for someone who refuses to hold insurance companies accountable and continues to deceive Montanans. Remember, the state auditor is also the insurance commissioner responsible for protecting Montana consumers and holding insurance companies accountable.

But Rosendale has time and again failed to protect Montana consumers, rubber-stamping massive spikes in health care costs and opposing Medicaid expansion, which has given more than 90,000 Montanans access to health care.

Even on the Land Board – where Rosendale is usually a bad vote on public lands – Rosendale phones it in, choosing to campaign instead.

Rosendale’s sad dismissal of his current job is insulting to Montanans affected by the rate hikes he rubber-stamped, but is sure in line with his inability to do actual work and his tendency to ignore and deceive the Montanans he should be serving.


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