Does Matt Rosendale Agree with Mitch McConnell’s Support of Decision that Makes Dark Money Even Darker?


Helena – Yesterday, the Treasury Department decided that nonprofits and some other tax-exempt groups involved in political activity do not have to disclose their donors, further easing requirements on dark money groups trying to influence elections.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised the decision to limit transparency for groups pumping dark money into our elections.

That means dark money groups that are propping up East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, like the billionaire Koch brothers-affiliated Americans for Prosperity—which just announced it will spend six figures in Senate races including Montana’s, and has already spent more than half a million dollars this year going after Sen. Jon Tester—won’t be required to disclose who’s funding them.

Rosendale’s record on dark money and transparency in elections, not to mention his coziness with McConnell, leaves little doubt he supports this decision: Rosendale voted multiple times against requiring dark money groups to disclose their campaign expenditures and donors.

But Montana voters deserve to know: does Rosendale agree with McConnell that the latest decision to allow even darker dark money in Montana’s elections and decrease transparency is a good thing?


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