Maryland Resident Requests Investigation Into Potential Rosendale Tax Fraud and Perjury


Helena – Following reports that wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale claimed under penalty of perjury to be a resident of Maryland in 2015 to get a tax break, Maryland resident Paul Bessel filed a complaint with the Maryland Comptroller to investigate if Rosendale “impermissibly obtained favorable tax treatment under state law.”

In the complaint, Bessel calls for an immediate investigation into Rosendale’s “potential violations of Maryland law” and whether Rosendale committed perjury.

Montana voters deserve to know: Did Rosendale lie them when he ran for an office that only Montana residents can hold? Or did he perjure himself to get a Maryland resident tax break?

ICYMI: Montana Post: Maryland Resident Files A Complaint Against Matt Rosendale for Violating Tax Law
May 2, 2018

Key Points:

  • “Maryland resident Paul Bessel filed a complaint asserting that Mr. Rosendale ‘may have made a false statement on a tax form by claiming to be a resident of Maryland and, in doing so, impermissibly obtained favorable tax treatment under state law.’”
  • “Bessel lays out a compelling case, noting that Rosendale voted in Montana and ran for elected offices that only residents of Montana can hold before deliberately claiming to be a Maryland resident on a legal document.”
  • “Mr. Bessel, as a Maryland taxpayer absolutely deserves, as he says, ‘to know if our tax funds are being used to improperly benefit Matt Rosendale.’”
  • “Montanans also deserve to know whether a person running to represent us in the Senate deliberately perjured himself or can’t be trusted to carefully read and review a legal document before he signs it.”

Read the entire article HERE.


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