Maryland Matt’s Out-of-State Billionaire Backers Think They Can Buy Montana’s Senate Seat

Brooke BainumNews

Helena – Lacking any significant in-state support, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has had to depend on out-of-state dark money groups like those backed by Illinois billionaires, Dick and Liz Uihlein, who were highlighted in a recent New York Times piece.

The Uihleins have a reputation of promoting dishonesty: “They have their own brand of political engineering, with candidates and tactics sometimes audaciously distorting the truth.”

So it’s no wonder they are backing Rosendale – he said he would debate Sen. Jon Tester this weekend, then backed out at the last minute and lied about it; he claims to be a rancher when he’s never owned any cattle; he misled Montanans about his role in health care rate hikes of up to 23 percent; he misled on his public lands record; and he still hasn’t taken responsibility for signing under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident in 2015.

This election cycle alone, super PACS funded heavily by the Uihleins have poured about $3 million into the Montana Senate race to prop up Rosendale’s campaign.

Rosendale has certainly been friendly to dark money groups – he opposed transparency in campaign finance, voting against the Montana Disclose Act, which requires dark money groups to disclose their donors and campaign expenditures. He also voted against the bipartisan TRACE Act, which would have required anonymous dark money political groups to disclose their donors.

Maryland Matt must not care that Montanans don’t like out-of-state dark money groups coming in to try to influence our elections. So, what exactly is Rosendale promising these out-of-state billionaires and dark money groups in exchange?


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