March Madness: #MTSEN GOP Primary Edition


Helena – As March Madness begins, the madness of the GOP Senate primary is also tipping off.

West Coast Recruit. There’s Californian Troy Downing, who claimed a tax break on his primary home in California as recently as last year. Just two weeks before the primary, Downing will head to court for a jury trial for seven misdemeanor charges for illegally buying resident hunting licenses as a non-resident of Montana. Downing doesn’t have a deep bench to turn to like Matt Rosendale – but he is willing to dump his own money in to try to win and he’ll have the Zinkes rooting for him.

Put Me in Coach Steve Bannon. Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale isn’t really anyone’s top pick, with his own internal poll finding that only 28 percent of participants would vote for him in the primary even though he has nearly 80 percent name recognition. Those poor stats have forced him to turn to players from the East Coast, special interest groups like Club for Growth, Citizens United, and the Senate Conservatives Fund.

It’s pretty clear Montanans don’t want Rosendale in the game.

Fouling Out. Ethically challenged Russell Fagg is about to foul out, with an FEC complaint for raising political money as a judge and a Senate ethics complaint for failing to comply with federal law by filing his report late with multiple errors and omissions, like not disclosing his private plane. Fagg has been deceiving Montanans, ran a shadow campaign for months, and unethically accepted political money from unknown donors while hearing cases as a sitting judge.

Cut from the Team. Doesn’t really seem like Dr. O is going to get invited to the big dance this year.


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