He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Steve Bannon’s Tumultuous Relationship with Rosendale


Helena – Last year, disgraced Trump advisor Steve Bannon endorsed wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, which Rosendale initially “bragged” about and said he was “thrilled” to have the endorsement that reporters observed Rosendale had “sought and was happy to have.”

But Rosendale has since distanced himself from Bannon, hiding his endorsement from Montanans and refusing to say whether or not he will keep or reject it, even after President Trump’s falling out with Bannon and a poll showing Bannon’s support among Republican voters taking a nosedive, in addition to Bannon’s fading relevancy.

Bannon probably can’t help but feel snubbed by Rosendale, who is acting ashamed of Bannon yet desperately wants more of the outside money that Bannon could bring in to prop up Rosendale’s flimsy campaign.

Will Rosendale ever stop misleading Montanans and come clean about whether he will keep or reject Bannon’s endorsement?


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