Looking for Rosendale in Montana? Look elsewhere.


Helena – Three weeks into the general election in Montana and wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has made his priorities clear: he’s looking out for himself and his wealthy out-of-state donors, not Montanans.

This weekend, Rosendale headed to the “posh Four Seasons” in Beverly Hills, California, to hobnob in an effort to drum up national support for his lackluster campaign.

For a guy constantly under fire for his lack of Montana creds, you’d think Rosendale might want to, you know, talk to Montanans.

But nope!

The sole public event Rosendale has held in Montana since the primary was a fundraiser that only let in people who paid $100.

And just over a week ago, Maryland Matt was campaigning in DC in the middle of a work week instead of doing his job in Montana.

As Rosendale tries desperately to get national Republicans behind him on the East Coast and West Coast, he has come under increasing scrutiny for his “credentials” in Montana—reports found that despite claiming to be a rancher, Rosendale has never owned any cattle or ranched his own land, and he signed under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident in 2015.

With a track record like his, it makes sense Rosendale would want to keep dodging Montana voters—whether he’s running off to Washington, DC to fundraise with lobbyists or bailing on the first scheduled statewide televised debate with Sen. Jon Tester after promising he would be there.


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