As Lawsuit to Eliminate Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions Begins, Rosendale Still Silent on Where He Stands


Helena – Today, oral arguments begin in the Justice Department’s lawsuit that would leave Montanans with pre-existing conditions unprotected.

If the lawsuit is successful, insurance companies could once again charge folks more because of their medical history or deny coverage entirely.

For three months now, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has failed to speak out against the lawsuit, leaving Montanans in the dark about where he stands.

Rosendale’s job as insurance commissioner is to protect Montana consumers, but his record of pushing for shoddy short-term plans and fake solutions like Medi-Share—neither of which are required to cover pre-existing conditions—would do the exact opposite.

Montanans deserve better than an insurance commissioner (or U.S. Senator) who won’t speak up against this dangerous lawsuit and who pushes for shoddy short-term plans.


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