Lackluster #MTSEN GOP Field Starts Taking Swings


Helena – Less than two months out from the primary, the GOP Senate candidates in Montana, who are leaving some GOP insiders “unenthused” about the quality of challengers, are finally starting to play “a light game of touch football with each other.” Ethically challenged Russell Fagg is calling his opponents out by name, criticizing wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale for all of the DC-based dark money groups trying to buy him a seat, and Californian Troy Downing is throwing some major shade, as candidates slowly try to separate themselves from the pack.

ICYMI: Helena Independent Record: As U.S. Senate primary nears, GOP candidates seek to separate selves from pack
By Holly Michels
April 8, 2018

Key Points:

  • “…the gloves are starting to come off for the four Republican candidates in their party’s contest for the U.S. Senate race.”
  • “[Rosendale]’s also received big money from national groups…”
  • Fagg made a dig, “it looks like [Rosendale and Downing] moved here to basically start a political career. […] I think that’s something that concerns Montanans and that’s rightfully so.”
  • “‘One is running on a platform of creating jobs and he’s never created a job in his life,’ Downing said. ‘I think there’s a tremendous amount of separation between us. If you look at them, there’s nobody that’s ever built anything meaningful.’”
  • Downing said he’s “the only one running that is not a current or past politician [and] that Montana and America are much more excited about people that are not status quo politicians.”

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