Knudsen Can’t Be Trusted on the Land Board

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

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Knudsen Can’t Be Trusted on the Land Board

As a State Legislator, Knudsen Voted to Prohibit Montana Public Land Acquisitions

Helena, MT – This week, the Montana Land Board approved two projects to expand and protect Montanans’ access to public lands. While the vast majority of Montanans will no doubt applaud the measures, candidate for Attorney General Austin Knudsen will not be among them. As a state legislator, Knudsen voted for a bill that would have disallowed Montana from acquiring any new public lands. The bill, with Knudsen’s support, narrowly died in the House — but if successful, it would have prevented this week’s public lands victory.

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has watched Knudsen’s political career, in which he has supported the most extreme anti-access policies, including the transfer of federal public lands, a position current Republican AG Tim Fox opposes

Knudsen has a long paper trail of anti-access votes in the Montana Legislature. He personally killed a bill that would have increased fines for landowners like him who block access to public roads. He’s also voted to restrict access to public streams, and voted to defund Habitat Montana — the successful conservation program that even AG Tim Fox promised to fully fund if he was elected Governor.  

“Austin Knudsen’s extreme anti-access agenda has no place on the Montana Land Board,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Knudsen has pushed for the transfer of federal lands, locked veterans out of their memorial park, and pushed legislation that would prevent Montana from expanding access to public lands. He’s made clear where he stands.”


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