Jobs First? Nah, We’re Good, Says Fagg


Helena – Russell Fagg’s campaign slogan is “Jobs First, Montana Always,” which, let’s be real, is pretty hypocritical, considering he left to run for higher office instead of finishing the job Montanans elected him to – costing taxpayer money to replace him.

But that fact aside, let’s take a look at some policy. If Fagg is so “jobs first” he must be really worried that not enough people in Montana have jobs, right?

Let’s see what he told Voices of Montana just a few short weeks ago, when he was advocating for a program that allows people to immigrate to our country and work here:

“I think the unemployment rate currently is somewhere around four percent nationally, and I think is even less than that in Montana. So I think most people that want to work are able to find a job today.”


We knew Fagg was unethical, but it turns out he’s also hypocritical, and he might need a new slogan. May we suggest “Fagg First, Montana When It Works Out Politically for Me.”

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