Jennifer Fielder Will Bring Personal Brand of Extremism to PSC

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Monday, October 12, 2020

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Jennifer Fielder Will Bring Personal Brand of Extremism to PSC
Helena, MT – One of the few points of consensus across the political spectrum in Montana is that the Public Service Commission is broken. The Billings Gazette has gone so far as to call for the PSC’s abolition, pointing to its primary work products as being “Low comedy and political skulduggery.” Further reporting has revealed the PSC as being rife with bullying and harassment, with both senior staff and elected Commissioners responsible.

And while some have said that Jennifer Fielder, candidate for PSC District 3, would be a “breath of fresh air,” the truth is that adding Fielder to the mix would be more like pouring a tank of gasoline on a dumpster fire.

Fielder has long ranked among the most extreme members on the fringes of the Montana Republican Party. She has repeatedly defended and associated with radical militia members — even going so far as to host an event for the Bundy family here in Montana. She’s a fervent advocate for the transfer of federal lands, which could lead to their sale. 

Fielder also participated in a panel hosted by an anti-Indian group, and brushed off subsequent outrage. She has been casual with rhetoric suggesting armed insurrection and civil war, and attended a conference where she rubbed elbows with an SPLC-designated extremist anti-LGBTQ author.

“Jennifer Fielder has long operated on the radical fringes of her own party — if elected to the PSC, we can only expect her to add to the embarrassing dysfunction that currently defines the body,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Montanans deserve far better.”


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