Jacobsen Silent on Land Board Vote to Protect and Expand Access

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Friday, July 24, 2020

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Jacobsen Silent on Land Board Vote to Protect and Expand Access

Helena, MT – This week, the Montana Land Board approved two projects to expand and protect Montanans’ access to public lands. The projects were pushed by private landowners, local conservation groups, hunters, and anglers, who stood before the Land Board on Monday and pushed for the projects’ approval — Christi Jacobsen, meanwhile, has yet to say a word. Her opponent Sen. Bryce Bennett on the other hand, repeatedly called for approval on the two projects.

When asked about her priorities for the land board, Christi Jacobsen admitted, “I haven’t dived deep in that,” before stumbling through a vague answer about, “you know, unnecessary bureaucracy.” Montanans need land board officials who will expand and defend access to public lands from day one — not officials busy learning what exactly the land board does. Jacobsen has proven that she’s not qualified to defend Montana’s public lands. 

“Christi Jacobsen has failed to say a word on the most consequential land board vote of her candidacy — how can Montanans trust her to stand up for our public lands if she’s elected?” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Montana needs a champion ready to fight for our public lands from the moment they’re sworn in and Christi Jacobsen doesn’t fit the bill.”


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