Is Gianforte Lying Again About Retaining Control Over Financial Assets?

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

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Is Gianforte Lying Again About Retaining Control Over Financial Assets?
Behind Closed Doors, Gianforte Suggests He Retains Control Over Assets
Helena, MT – In 2017, Greg Gianforte pledged to set aside all of his assets in a blind trust to avoid any conflict of interest. After it was discovered that he had violated that pledgeGianforte admitted to lying, claiming that he converted his portfolio into a “blind investment agreement.” Now, Gianforte is suggesting that some of his assets exist outside of his “blind investment agreement,” raising further questions as to whether Gianforte has deceived Montana voters once more. 

During a private, virtual fundraiser, a constituent asked Gianforte about his significant investments in the stock market during the pandemic, more trades than 99% of Congress. Gianforte – the wealthiest elected member of Congress – responded by saying, “I made a commitment when I ran for office to separate myself from my investments, so we put all of our assets, uh a vast, vast majority of our assets into a blind investment agreement.”

Gianforte promised to put his holdings in a blind trust to prevent possible conflicts of interest, but instead, his “blind investment agreement” allows him to receive regular updates on his holdings and their performance, still allowing him to act in his own financial interests instead of as Montana’s representative. Are all of his assets within his made-up “blind investment agreement,” or just some? Montanans deserve to know. 

“Gianforte lied to Montanans when he broke his promise to place all of his assets in a blind trust. Given Gianforte’s record of lying to Montana voters (and the police), Montanans deserve to know if Gianforte is lying again,” said MDP Executive Director, Sandi Luckey. “So which is it, Greg? Did you swear off control over all of your assets, or just some? Montanans have a right to know.”


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