Independent Record Op-Ed: Cast your vote for candidates who support veterans

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Independent Record Op-Ed: Cast your vote for candidates who support veterans
Helena, MT – Over Memorial Day Weekend, James Holbrook, Executive Board Member of the Montana AFL-CIO and a veteran of the United States Army, penned an op-ed condemning Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Greg Gianforte’s failure to support veterans by promoting policies that underfund Veterans Administration facilities and undermine federal workers.

Independent Record Op-Ed: Cast your vote for candidates who support veterans
By: James Holbrook

“Two thirds of Montana’s Congressional delegation love to tout their love of country and those who serve but when it comes to walking the walk they don’t even take the first step.

Sen. Steve Daines, always quick to appear in a Veteran related photo-op, has towed the line that has resulted in underfunded VA facilities as well as egregious attacks on those federal employees who work for our Veterans and has remained silent about his Republican colleagues’ anti-worker agenda. His vote to confirm Eugene Scalia as Secretary of Labor is a concrete example of his disregard for the working people who staff the VA.

Rep. Greg Gianforte wants to be our next Governor. Using his time in Washington to accelerate the decline of the VA is an interesting way to win over the voters of a state with 87,936 Veterans living in it. Montana’s VA hospitals go beyond providing for those who served our country, they provide well-paying family sustaining jobs in tight-knit, rural communities.

This Memorial Day, if you’re thinking about what you can do for Veterans, start at the ballot box. Cast your vote for candidates who support Veterans as well as those who care for them. Denying us care by destroying the lives of the working people responsible for our well-being is cruel and an insult to everything this country is supposed to stand for. Veterans deserve the best care and support possible, that doesn’t happen without the members of AFGE.”


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