In His Latest Ad, Gianforte Launches False Smears Against Cooney’s Record  

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

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In His Latest Ad, Gianforte Launches False Smears Against Cooney’s Record
Ad Papers Over Gianforte’s Support for Eliminating Unemployment Benefits, Job-Killing Policies, Exploding the Deficit
Helena, MT – New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte – who has already spent a whopping $11 million to prop up his selfish political ambition – is back on the air with a new ad falsely smearing Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney. 

Let’s check out the facts:

#1 – “66,000 Montanans have filed for unemployment… Mike Cooney says we’re doing just fine.”
Alongside Gov. Bullock, Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney has worked tirelessly to lead Montana through the COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, Greg Gianforte called for the elimination of extended unemployment benefits for thousands of out-of-work Montanans and voted against a bipartisan COVID-19 relief package that would have extended unemployment benefits beyond last month’s July 31 expiration date.
#2 – “Cooney doesn’t have a jobs plan”
Last month, Lt. Gov. Cooney released his “Keep Montana Working” plan, to support good-paying jobs across Montana by prioritizing Montana jobs in state hiring and contracting, ensuring both rural and urban economies are giving the resources to grow, and continuing to make investments in apprenticeship and workforce training efforts. 

On the other hand, Greg Gianforte built a business whose “purpose” was “eliminating and outsourcing jobs overseas.” His plan to cut unemployment benefits could cost Montana more than 7,867 jobs, his support for repealing the Affordable Care Act and Montana’s Medicaid expansion could cost Montana up to 7,500 jobs and $385 million in personal income, and his anti-public lands policies jeopardize 71,000 Montana jobs and $7.1 billion in consumer spending that relies on Montana’s outdoor industry.

#3 – “Mike Cooney is a tax and spend politician”
Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney has balanced the budget every single year he’s served in office, while Greg Gianforte voted to explode the federal deficit by nearly $2 trillion. After voting to saddle generations of Montanans with trillions in debt, Gianforte said“In the scheme of things in Washington, $5 billion is not that much money. 

“Once again, Greg Gianforte is lying about Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney’s distinguished record of public service to distract from his own record of support for cutting unemployment benefits in a pandemic, killing Montana jobs, and recklessly running up the federal deficit,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Montanans will see Gianforte’s baseless attacks for the desperate smears they are.”


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