ICYMI: Montana Green Party Disavows “Conservative” Super PAC

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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ICYMI: Montana Green Party Disavows “Conservative” Super PAC

“…this is a conservative backed (page) with absolutely no affiliation with the Montana Green Party”

Helena, MT – The Montana Green Party is publicly disavowing a “conservative backed” PAC that is sending mailers and buying digital ads in support of sham Green Party candidate Wendie Fredrickson. In a May 11 Facebook post, the Montana Green Party wrote, “The fact alone that this is a page backed by a superPAC automatically should reveal that the page hides an ultimate ulterior motive.” Neither the PAC treasurer nor Fredrickson returned the Helena IR’s requests for comment.

This latest episode follows reports that the Montana GOP bankrolled a covert operation to get a third party on the ballot, spending $100,000 to finance a signature gathering effort intentionally designed to deceive Montana voters and meddle in our democratic process. The Montana Green Party similarly condemned that “Republican and conservative effort,” and denounced the “FALSE” Green Party candidates running for statewide offices.

“This is just the latest escalation in the ongoing Republican effort to mislead Montanans and meddle in our elections,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Montana Republicans are so scared they can’t win fair and square that they financed an effort to tamper with our elections — now, a shady outside group is spending an unknown amount of money to boost their sham candidate. It’s beyond shameful, and Montanans will reject it for the scam it is.”


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