ICYMI: Montana Editorial Boards Deem Christi Jacobsen’s Record “Disqualifying”

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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ICYMI: Montana Editorial Boards Deem Christi Jacobsen’s Record “Disqualifying”
Helena, MT – Montana newspaper editorial boards have delivered ringing endorsements for Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Sen. Bryce Bennett, while at the same time warning voters of the dangers of a potential Jacobsen administration.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle cautioned voters against supporting a candidate who makes unfounded claims undermining the integrity of Montana’s elections:

“Jacobsen even suggested that county election officials commandeering returned ballots for their own preferred candidates represents a serious threat to state election results. Frankly, making such a claim without offering any supporting evidence should disqualify her from serving. Voters should be wary.

The Montana Standard pointed to the many deficiencies of the Jacobsen-Stapleton administration, and cautioned voters against giving Jacobsen another 4 years:

His Republican opponent, Christi Jacobsen, is currently Deputy Secretary of State. She has been in lockstep with Secretary of State Corey Stapleton, who has been unworthy of the office.

Jacobsen says she wants to build on Stapleton’s successes…

We count Stapleton’s failures as considerably outnumbering successes. He has run a hyper-partisan office by any measure.

Stapleton pointed to alleged voter fraud in Montana that was nonexistent, and was forced to backtrack — in the process impugning the work of dedicated county election administrators across the state.

He was found to have illegally used a state-owned pickup truck to commute from Great Falls to Helena. He hired out-of-state counsel, the wife of a former GOP state director, to represent the office, and lost. He has spent considerable state time and funds pursuing repeated failed legal actions to back Republican efforts to place Green Party candidates on the ballot. Under Stapleton’s and Jacobsen’s tenure, the office produced a voter guide with serious errors, which cost $265,000 to correct, in the process giving a no-bid contract to another Republican crony. Stapleton also was fined for using state resources to announce his short-lived run for governor.

Jacobsen refuses to condemn any of Stapleton’s missteps and abuses. And while she does possess valuable experience in the office, her ties to Stapleton, we believe, are disqualifying.


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