ICYMI: Democrats outraise GOP in all Tier B races [Helena IR]

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

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ICYMI: Democrats outraise GOP in all Tier B races [Helena IR]

Helena, MT – In this last fundraising period, all Democrats running for “Tier B” statewide offices outraised their Republican challengers — excluding efforts from Republican candidates to individually bankroll their respective campaigns. Massive displays of grassroots fundraising support have Montana Democrats up and down the ballot ready to win in November.

Helena IR: Democrats outraise GOP in all Tier B races, not counting self-financing
By: Holly Michels


“Democrats have out-raised their Republican opponents in three of the four so-called Tier B statewide races and have eclipsed the GOP candidates in all those races if self-financing isn’t factored in.”

Graybill out-raised Knudsen over the last month, bringing in just shy of $58,400 to Knudsen’s roughly $27,900 over the period from May 15-June 15. Over the election, the Democrat has brought in nearly double the Republican, with Graybill at $371,900 and Knudsen at $193,300.

“Democratic secretary of state candidate and state Sen. Bryce Bennett did not have an opponent in the primary. He raised $22,640 over the last month and has brought in $197,700 over the election, according to filings with the state Commissioner of Political Practices.

“That outpaces his opponent, Republican Deputy Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen. She brought in $15,160 over the last month, which includes a $10,000 loan on May 26. She’s raised more than $163,100 over the election and reported more than $92,000 in loans to her campaign. Jacobsen emerged from a five-way Republican primary with 29% of the vote.

Bennett was also up when it came to cash in the bank, reporting $143,140 to Jacobsen’s $23,000.

“Republican candidate Troy Downing, a Bozeman businessman who ran for U.S. Senate in 2016, reported raising $64,850 in the last month, though that included $50,000 in loans to himself. Downing has raised about $196,400 over the election, including $118,000 from the candidate. He’d be at about $78,300 without the loans.

“Democratic State Rep. Shane Morigeau, of Missoula, reported raising $35,150 over the last month, and has brought in $150,600 over the election.”

[Melissa] Romano raised $33,220 over the last month, and $283,300 for the election so far.

“Arntzen reported raising $39,850 over the last month and has raised $93,200 over the election, including $35,000 she’s loaned herself.

Romano had $152,820 in the bank when she filed her last finance report, while Arntzen reported $21,900.


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