Hypocrite Matt Rosendale Supported Legislation That Would Have Threatened A Public Access Project He Touts


Helena – Lately, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has bragged about supporting the Whitefish Conservation Project, which was funded in part by the Habitat Montana program and the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

But the Whitefish Conservation Project might not have been possible if some of Rosendale’s votes and bills in the legislature had been successful.

Rosendale introduced legislation that could’ve prohibited LWCF-funded acquisitions – just like the Whitefish acquisition.

He also voted for legislation that would have prevented the state from gaining any additional state lands by implementing a “no net gain” policy, even through the state’s Habitat Montana program. Had the bill been successful, it would have undermined efforts to increase access opportunities for  Montana sportsmen and women.

And other legislation backed by Rosendale was opposed by the Montana Department of Military Affairs, Montana FWP, wildlife advocates, and sportsmen and would have “effectively prohibited the state from gaining new public lands” and could have forced FWP to sell off some of its wildlife habitat.

As Rosendale tries to sell himself as a supporter of public lands (his record shows he’s not), he should recognize that his past efforts would have prevented the state of Montana from gaining any new lands, including through the popular Habitat Montana program. And when he tries to claim support for reauthorizing LWCF, take a look at his real record on public lands.


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